(Not starring Charlton Heston)


I. Thou shalt know thy opponent

II. Thou shalt take advantage of thy opponents weakness

III. Thou shalt stomp thy opponent firmly into the ground

IV. Thou shalt firmly place thy foot on thy opponents throat and not let go

V. Thou shalt not fumble

VI. Thou shalt not throw an interception

VII. Thou shalt not encroach on thy opponent's side

VIII. Thou shalt not push thy opponent in the back

IX. Thou shalt not cuss at the referee

X. Tho shalt win the game










Copyright protected. The 10 Commandments of Football were inspired by the game of football and by the TV personalities who announce the game. Namely, such greats as John Madden. My specials thanks to those who announce the game and have the enduring task of keeping us both informed and entertained while watching the great game of football. Many announcers have left their mark in our hearts along with the greats who have played the game. Who could forget Howard Cosell and Dandy Don? Who could forget Lyle Bremser from Nebraska? Man, woman and child. He was untouched by human hands.

Thanks for the memories, guys!



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